With elysia CEO Ruben Tilgner

With HEDD CEO Freddy Knop and CTO Klaus Heinz

With SPL product manager Sascha Flocken

With friend of mastering engineer Dan D'Ascenzo

Hiro is participating in the largest international project every day, such as the 2018 world cup official song, Cinema soundtrack, and many hit songs around the world. So he has the contract 13 as endorsers. He worked with Yundi Li, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Berliner Philharmonie, Eric Clapton, Elton John, and Billy Joel. Furthermore he has 13 highest manufactures contract as an international official endorser, for example SPL, elysia, Kii Audio, MAGIX, Bettemaker, MUTEC, Brauner microphone, IGS Audio, etc.

And Hiro learned music business and production at Harvard Business School and Berklee College of Music in Boston USA. Also, Hiro founded Hiro's Music Production in Dusseldorf Germany. Now he is working based on Europe and Japan.

Recently Large Result:

2018 World Cup Official Song / participated as a sound producer and mastering engineer.

2018 Europian chart got 7th - Germany Die Denkaz / participated as a sound producer and mastering engineer.

2019 East Europian chart got 10th - Slovakia Karmen Pál-Baláž / participated as a mastering engineer.

2019 Mongolian chart got 3rd - Mongol Naagii / participated as a mastering engineer.

2020 Cinema soundtrack - Germany "Vincero'" / participated as executive producer, arranger, mixing and mastering. 


Hiro's Music Production is making of typical newest generation sound that particular sonic is constructed by his newest philosophy, skills, and high-quality piece of gears. He has produced a sound a lot of renowned artists from classical orchestra to rock stars, therefore he is able to make sensibility and transparent sonic by his 14 years experiencing. Why is Hiro having the newest and the highest peak of gears and knowledge? Because Hiro is receiving support from high-quality equipment manufacturers and endorsers due to the result with his sprite of inquiry. Furthermore, he utilizes high resolution mixing and mastering solution systems, his studio installed compatible DSD and PCM at 764kHz configurations (The high-resolution files can make a convert every format by his studio, for example, PCM 44.1kHz 16Bit or MP3). Especially the DSD has the capability incredibly accurate and natural-sounding for acoustic instruments, so that he is good skillful at piano recording. Thus his studio is employing to develop a high-quality session pianist who is working for the session and overdub. Its service is recorded by Steinway(semi-concert), Baldwin(full concert), Yamaha(middle size) that can choose to favorite pianos sounding by a client.

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