“You cannot help but fall in love with Hirotoshi Furuya’s irresistible voice” proclaim the television and newspapers.

His voice has the power to make any listener spellbound. Applying different tones of orthodox bel canto, he sings world famous classics with the utmost passion.

And everyone; young and old, men and women, fall under the spell of his magical voice.

He frequently uses synthesizers to put a modern spin on classical music and rearranges all-time classics, musicals, and rock with a classical taste. His unique style has gained him great popularity under the genre of “classic cross-over”.


In 2010 his beautiful voice and singing ability was recognized in the United States, the homeland of the entertainment industry, and his talent has flourished ever since.

Widely recognized for his “truly original voice for a man, which cannot be replaced even when you search the musical world in America”, he made a contract with MAKK RECORDS INTERNATIONAL.

In 2011 he made his CD debut alongside the leading musicians of the New Japan Philharmonic. CD journals praise him as “a type of singer who sings with overflowing sentiment” and that “one can tell he is very well experienced with music just by listening to his luscious voice.”

And Hiro is a greatest Recording and Mastering engineer. Berklee college of music graduate and he has worked experience with numerous greatest artists around the world. Such as pianist - Yundi Li, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Orchestra - Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Berliner Philharmonie, Rock - Eric Clapton, Elton John, and Billy Joel.

Hiro's Mixing and Mastering is making of typical new generation sound that particular sonic is constructed by his newest philosophy, skills, and high quality piece of gears. He has produced sound a lot of renowned artists from classical orchestra to rock stars, therefor he is able to make sensibility and transparent sonic by his 14 years experiencing. Why is Hiro having newest and the highest peak of gears and knowledge? Because Hiro is receiving support from high quality equipment manufactures and endorser due to result with his sprite of inquiry. Furthermore he utilizes high resolution mixing and mastering solution systems, his studio installed compatible DSD and PCM at 764kHz configurations (The high resolution files can make a convert every format by his studio, for example PCM 44.1kHz 16Bit or MP3). Especially the DSD has capability incredible accurate and natural sounding for acoustic instruments, so that he is good skillful at piano recording. Thus his studio is employing to develop high quality session pianist whose is working for session and over dub. It service is recorded by Steinway(semi concert), Baldwin(full concert), Yamaha(middle size) that can choose to favorite piano sounding by client. All piano installed his studio. 

And he is learning at Harvard university Business School

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